ExaChess Downloads

ExaChess Lite

ExaChess Lite, the free reduced-feature version of ExaChess, includes the ExaChess (Pro) full user documentation.


ExaChess (Pro) is not available for general download. Please try ExaChess Lite as a demo version. See Ordering for information on how to order ExaChess.

If you are a registered user of any prior version of ExaChess, then ExaChess 4 is a free upgrade (electronic delivery option only). Contact Exant Software (the publisher of ExaChess) for download information.

UCI Chess Engines

ExaChess 4 supports UCI chess engines, and includes the strong Fruit engine. There are dozens of strong UCI engines available that run under Windows, but only a small fraction make it to the Mac. For surveys of available engines see Chessville Chess Engine Update or Top UCI Chess Engines. For a current rating list of engines, see the IPON Rating List.

The following is a selection of strong free and commercial UCI engines for the Mac:

Free Engines

Commercial Engines

Chess fonts

Various freeware and commercial chess fonts are now available on the Internet.